Emilie Joelle

When co-founder Emilie is not leading worship, she runs her design business, Emilie Graphics. Her client list includes a growing number musical artists, who certainly appreciate her talents as well as uniquely walking in their shoes. Her graphic skills were especially present in the launch of the first EP. Five art pieces were created to help tell the story of the songs as well as benefit the backers of their recently successful Kickstarter campaign.

Emilie’s passion for music ignited at a young age, and the fire continues to grow with her. At the age of eleven, Emilie got her start singing in her church youth group. At sixteen, she had the privilege of taking songwriting lessons with Grammy-nominated artist Sarah Kelly, which fueled the fire in her to create music of her own. A year later, Emilie started a Kickstarter campaign to record her very first EP. After a mishap with the campaign–not being able to complete it and transfer funds due to being under 18 at the time–she had to start an entirely new campaign with IndieGoGo, which turned out to be even more successful than the first. Excited, Emilie flew to Austin, TX where producer Ramy Anton helped her define her sound with the My Oh My EP. Inspired by the experience, recording drove Emilie to write even more, and in 2013 the single Disguises was released, produced by Beau Trembly of the band On Being Human.

Now a young adult, Emilie’s love for music burns brighter than ever in her new home of Los Angeles. Emilie continues to write and refine her sound, working to create catchy melodies and honest and relatable lyrics about life, faith, love, and heartbreak.

As a worship leader, her voice and skill work well to bring in a diverse group of people. Emilie has proven that millennials like her desire intergenerational worship by her example in serving her local churches over the years.